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A Vampire Named Allison


Life in West Haven is far from ordinary.

Tired of the tales of vampires, werewolves, and fairies, and her part in them, Allison Petrovsky struggles to find her place in the world of the supernatural. She longs to be normal.

With the deaths of family members and friends and a mysterious group on the rise, Allison's boyfriend, Connor DeSalvo, is implicated in a murder. After Connor is forced to go into hiding while he struggles to prove his innocence, Allison discovers her best friend Scarlett is seemingly dead. Allison isn't sure how much more she can handle.

Struggling to navigate the delicate relationship she has with her friends and family, Allison must also face the possibility that someone with sinister plans is stalking all of them--and not lose herself or her sanity in the process.


"This book has a lot of colorful characters and they draw you into their story. There is a lot of action, drama suspense, love lots and lots of violence they believe in protecting the people they care about. It is the definite page turner. I would recommend it to everyone to read a terrific story."-Jacqualine M

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