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The Fairlane Incidents

Cover Image of The Fairlance Incidents by Nick Savage

Once you find your muse, never let them go.

Finn Fairlane is a music producer who has lost his inspiration to create. While jumping from one one-night stand to the next, his focus unexpectedly shifts when he crosses paths with his former college girlfriend, Faith Siubhal.

In the midst of promoting an enterprising band's new album, his attention is split between ensuring his continued success and interpreting his feelings for the incredible woman he left behind to make his dreams come true. Faith has always been Finn's muse, but can the feisty woman she's become still inspire his musical genius?

Hoping she feels the same, career hanging in the balance, Finn struggles to rekindle their spark. Unfortunately for Finn, whether his ex-lover is ready to give their romance a second chance or not, his job and the other women in his life have different ideas.

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"Phenomenal doesn't even begin to cover this! I am absolutely enthralled with it and have been from day one and I cant wait to finish the series. The author has a way of using details to really give readers a visualization of the scene. I also really enjoy the multiple musicians and bands getting a subtle nod in the book. It makes it almost more relatable to readers like myself who are into music as much as they are into reading. Nick Savage is definitely an author I will continue to read and yearn for the nect great book put out. He has a humble way of connecting what he writes into the real world making his books something that can reach more than one single group of readers. He's really an artist with his words and I recommend him to every bookworm I know!"-S. Street

"The Fairlane Incidents is the first book in the Fairlane series. This was a pretty interesting story. I don't think that I've ever read something that feels so raw and relatable. Finn Fairlane had his ups and downs and just trying to find his happiness. Nick Savage really captured a realistic point of view to this story. I do have to admit, some parts did seem to drag on, but still this was an enjoyable read. Would love to read more." -XxLaVampiresaAlexisxX

"To be honest, I have never read anything from a male author in regads to romance but I must say, it was a very pleasant surprise. I think this is largely due to the way Author Savage created and described the male character. The MC Finn was so believable, easy to picture as you read and he honed on the fact that the MC was not perfect. He was not meant to be perfect compared to female author's perspectives of male. But, that is my personal opinion. Anyway, the book was engaging, kept me turning page by page, wanting more. I could relate to each and every character, including the "crazies". What I liked also was that the book had places and things I'm already familiar with (living in Florida) so that was a nice surprise. I am looking forward to reading more from Author Savage. There is one thing that I did notice and appreciate - I enjoyed reading from the male's POV for a romance. This was a bonus and eye opener for me. It was nice to see a MC admit their flaws, especially a male. The ending was a little disappointing to me but only because I didn't want to be at the end. It was really engaging."-Barb Jones

"Finn is so true to life that it brings a sadness [y]et humour to the page as you recognise so many of his traits in yourself and those around you. The story was written so well and kept me turn the pages."-Queenie

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