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So We Stay Hidden

Cover Image of So We Stay Hidden by Nick Savage

Balancing high school and being a Legend is is more than they bargained for.

Scarlett and Briana are tested by a new relationship. Allison and Connor stumble upon a gruesome murder that hits close to home and tears them apart.

With changes to the prophecy, Vistrus must find out what the future holds for The Nation by uncovering the secrets of his wife’s past.

But corruption runs deep in the Chicago suburb of West Haven and the repercussions of the prom linger. The Legends must take matters into their own hands without losing themselves.


"This book reads like a second season of your favourite TV show and because of that I highly recommend that you read book 1 before book 2. That being said the characters pull you in and make you want to read every chapter and every word so finding 2 new books to read is never a bad thing."-Katherine

"Connor, Scarlet, Allison, and Jack are back and still searching for answers in the second installment of Nick Savage's Nation series. In volume 2 we find our friends facing new and more devastating challenges, as they struggle to deal with high school, societal tragedies, and their own personal transitions. Nick's unique writing style will pull you in, and you will have no trouble seeing the story play out in your mind's eye. Another great novel, highly recommend."-Jenn

"I just finished reading the second installment of The Nation series. Like the first, this book was engaging. In a fantastical reality, the lives of the characters get the readers engaged in questioning our actual reality, how we view ourselves as well as those around us. I highly recommend this book and author. I hope there is a third installment. Because this is fiction, I'm hoping for a happy ending. :-)"-Sumaiya Rizvi

"Another well written story by Nick Savage. His imagine takes you on a journey you'll never forget. This is the follow up to Us of Legendary God's. Well worth your time!"-Lynn Edgar

"I enjoyed finding that this book took a complete different look at vampires (named Legends because of the history and mythology behind their abilities). It was nothing like what I would normally have expected. Not having started by reading the initial book, it was difficult to follow what was going on until I got to know the characters better. But even so, the story line easily kept my attention. It provides the reader with excellent world building that is adequately detailed and imaginative. the characters are well depicted and likable. Twists and turns also will keep the reader invested in the story. Again, it would have been much easier to follow if I had started from the beginning, but I did not have immediate access to Book 1 and thought I would be able to keep up with the events anyway. I do recommend this series! It was definitely different but kept me intrigued."-Emily P

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