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The Fragile Finn Fairlane

Cover Image of The Fragile Finn Fairlane by Nick Savage

Sex. Drugs? And rock 'n' roll...

With the tour underway and new ventures on the horizon, Finn Fairlane is optimistic about the future. Even as he continues to heal from the accident he senses possibility in the air, with his career, and in romance.

But when recovery turns to dependence on his pain medication, the music producer struggles to overcome his addiction. And the love of his life, Faith, has some news for Finn that will change everything, forever. With this new information, Finn must choose between the two women who know him best in this world. Each represents a completely different path at crossroads he never wanted to face.

In the highly-anticipated finale to The Fairlane Series, Finn must face the music and decide whether to keep living the rock 'n' roll lifestyle or settle into a new life with the woman of his dreams.

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"This book, and the entire series, has been so amazing to experience. Its a genre outside what I typically read but I have enjoyed it 10 times more because of that. It's a romance novel you can actually feel yourself being able to relate to. Finn and Faith and their clear love and connection was so spectacularly written that you can feel it when you read it. And, it wasn't so far into fantasy romance land that you find yourself knowing it could never happen. The pain, the drama, the day to day and in and out of it all, was what draws you in and makes it more believable as something that could be happening now in some part of the world/country. I couldn't have been more happy with the ending of the book, and thus this series. Although, I do wish there was more, just like every series I read. What happens to Logan Square? How does Fairlane Records do? Will Chicago bring Finnand Faith closer together or drive them apart again? Will they have more kids? What about Viv and Jeanine, do they keep going? Do they go to Chicago at some point too?"-S. Street

"Finn has difficult choices to make, the ones that will determine his life path forever and they are never easy to make. I love Finn and Faith, he manages to find himself in sticky situations but somehow find a way out of them. I liked reading about his misadventures and was more than pleased with the ending. Way to go Nick."-Di Kecap

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