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Finn Fairlane: The Complete Package


Finn's a piece of shit, but you'll root for him anyway. Faith's no better, but he loves her just the same.

After years of writing songs for corporate labels, record producer extraordinaire Finn Fairlane moves from the Big Apple to The City Beautiful to redefine his career. While working with a choice client, he runs into Faith Suibhal, the love he left behind to chase fame and fortune.

Realizing he still holds a torch for her and hoping she holds one for him, he sets out to prove he has changed his ways since their split almost twenty years ago. With more than one woman vying for his affections and his heart strings pulled in every direction, Finn will have choices to make and situations to explain.

Finn Fairlane: The Complete Package compiles the three books of The Fairlane Series into one beautiful edition for the discerning reader. Give yourself everything you deserve. Give yourself … the complete package.

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"These are three individual books, but the[y] read very quickly going from one to the next. They are highly descriptive, in some places, maybe a bit too descriptive. The story is well developed, and surprisingly, quite relatable in the aspect of this is more of the misadventures of Finn Fairlane. These are funny and enjoyable to find Finn in each of these sticky situations. I highly recommend these!-Liz Buls

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